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December 13, 2000

Prior to my sessions at your Coronado location I received treatments from two other physical therapy centers. Unfortunately for various reasons I was not able to have any success with them – one of them was the downtown location. I have been dealing with my conditions for over a year and was becoming increasingly frustrated with my prior treatments.

The entire staff was always friendly and welcomed me with a smile each session. They were professional and at the same time very caring and encouraging with the treatment and exercises.

I decided to try the Coronado location because I heard positive feedback from a couple of people. I particularly want to give high praise to Dr. Emily Richard. Not only is she gifted in dealing with people one-on-one, she conveys a real genuine care and concern for her patients. She manages to oversee her team members with a watchful ear and eye and still give you focused attention to your treatments at the same time. She was always eager to answer all my questions and offer advice on any other matters pertaining to what would be best to sustain healthy habits regarding posture and injury avoidance. Even after my treatments she quickly replied to my email asking for her opinion of what office chair would be best for me. I appreciate her time, knowledge and her upbeat attitude that made my sessions more enjoyable. She truly is an asset to your organization and is the reason I will not hesitate to recommend your facility.