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Spine Experts

At Water & Sports Physical Therapy, we are spine experts.

In treating spinal pain, at Water & Sports Physical Therapy, we look beyond just the diagnosis, using a variety of advanced tools and treatment strategies. We use our 3D Infrared Analysis to quantify the way your spine moves in conjunction with the rest of your body. By identifying faulty movement patterns, we ensure that your spine is protected from unnecessary stress during everyday activities. Additionally, each therapist has advanced training on treating the spine that ensure the best individualized plan that resolves your symptoms and gets you back to your everyday life.

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Physical Therapy improves the way you move.

Doctors of Physical Therapy are evidenced based experts in movement and possess the skills necessary to improve your function and help you reach your goals.

A detailed examination by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, can identify the underlying cause of your injury as well as contributing impairments and develop a personalized plan of care specific to each patient’ functional goals. We strive to work with the individual to develop a well rounded treatment plan that incorporates the patient’s goals, previous activity level, and recreational or job related requirements.

Our Treatment Techniques

We provide patient-centered, evidence-based physical therapy to achieve optimal healthcare outcomes. The average number of visits we see patients have been much less than national averages, which shows that we’re achieving results quicker than other clinics nationwide.