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Aquatic Therapy

We offer outstanding aquatic therapy services in some of San Diego’s nicest pools. Our specific water programs are different then any other in San Diego.

At Water & Sports Physical Therapy, we understand the importance of aquatic therapy in achieving maximal results. As one of the few aquatic therapy providers in the San Diego area, the use of the aquatic therapy provides WSPT with the ability to provide highly effective, individualized rehabilitation to a variety of our patients, who may otherwise have low prognostic outcomes in standard physical therapy settings.


During your initial evaluation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, your therapist will determine if aquatic therapy may be a useful medium in which to begin treatment or to be used as a supplement to land based rehabilitation.

Individualized Treatment

Exercising in the water, allows for optimal individualization specific to your condition and symptoms. Gravitational loads are decreased by a factor of depth in the water and resistance is directly a product of speed of movement allowing the patient to be in control of motion.

Is aquatic therapy right for you?

While the benefits of water can be useful in treating a wide variety of conditions of significant limitation, it is also used by professional athletes as a way to increase core stability and cardiovascular endurance in a low impact environment.

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Recovery Rate

Aquatic therapy is decompressive. It allows those suffering from degenerative joint disease, relief from gravity related stress on the articular surfaces.

Aquatic therapy takes advantage of the unique properties of water to facilitate movement, limit compressive loads, and allow for resistive exercise.
Deep water exercises also provide graduated hydrostatic pressure which can aid lymphatic drainage, decreasing swelling. Additionally, aquatic therapy is self paced. The patient can control the intensity of exercise by adjusting the speed in which they move through the water. We use aquatic therapy to treat a wide variety of injuries including joint dysfunction, low back pain, gait or balance abnormalities, and neurological conditions such as stroke. The pool allows individuals who may have difficulty in typical physical therapy the opportunity to benefit from the rewards of exercise without the risk of injury. Post surgically the pool can be used to ambulate and exercise within weight bearing restrictions all the while offering patients the many advantages of the water.

The unique aspects and benefits of Aquatic Water Therapy

  • Optimize non-impact environment for Arthritis pain
  • Improve joint flexibility and core strength
  • Massage and relieve muscle spasms
  • Decreased inflammation to damaged muscles and nerves
  • Facilitate weight loss with pain-free aerobic exercise
  • Speed up recovery by initiating therapy sooner then on land

Aquatic therapy is commonly incorporated into the plan of care for individuals with the following conditions:

  • Post surgical
  • Low back pain: spinal stenosis, disc herniation, muscle spasms
  • Joint arthritis
  • Return to running
  • Neurological rehabilitation; stroke, traumatic brain injury, concussion
  • Vestibular rehabilitation

The Healing Powers of Water

Water, as a therapeutic medium, possesses unique properties beneficial to our patients and provides additional treatment options not available in most physical therapy settings while minimizing injury or reinjury during rehabilitation.
  • The aquatic environment is decompressive, decreased joint compression allows for relief from joint pain and arthritic conditions
  • Decreased gravitational demands facilitate joint motion early in the rehabilitation process
  • Water provides graduated hydrostatic pressure, increasing venous return, centralizes peripheral blood flow, and aids in lymphatic drainage; decreasing the effects of swelling
  • Initiation of resistive training , the resistance properties of water make therapy sessions self paced allowing patients to perform resistive and cardiovascular exercise within their comfort level
  • Initiation of early functional training, variable depth training allows for progression to more functional weight bearing exercise in a controlled setting
  • Facilitation of early cardiovascular endurance, allows for increased cardiovascular and core exercise earlier in rehabilitation process
  • Enhance of relaxation