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About Us

Water & Sports Physical Therapy is a family owned business for 25 years. We are a unique physical therapy company that combines manual therapy, aquatic therapy and land exercise to treat all types of injuries.

We use a variety of techniques to promote healing and overall well-being, and utilize evidence-based physical therapy to achieve optimal healthcare outcomes. Our team of Doctors and Aquatic Specialists are dedicated to providing individualized treatment and enhanced quality of care for all our patients. Patients are educated in deep water exercises and/or injury specific land-based exercise programs. Our clinics are located in state-of-the art health clubs.

Our Specialization

Water & Sports Physical Therapy specializes in using water in addition to highly skilled hands on therapy. Patients are educated in both deep water exercises, and injury specific land based programs for quick pain relief and long lasting results. We do this by figuring out the underlying cause of the pain and treating that issue and not just treating symptoms.


Patients are educated in aquatic therapy and/or injury specific……

We have helped many top athletes in professional sports. We are trusted with the post surgical rehab for Chargers such as Shawne Merriman, who was the NFL defensive rookie of the year, 3x Pro bowl selection, and 2x first-team All-Pro selection. We also help extend the careers of athletes so they can be at optimal performance at any age.

Our Treatment Techniques

We provide patient-centered, evidence-based physical therapy to achieve optimal healthcare outcomes. The average number of visits we see patients have been much less than national averages, which shows that we are achieving results quicker than other clinics nationwide.

We are honored to have been chosen as the Official Physical Therapy group for the San Diego Padres for the 2015 & 2016 seasons.  It was a pleasure treating the Padres on and off the field, at home games and away games.  We always wish them the best of luck!

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy use prevention based therapy with each athlete to create individualized plans to help them reach their peak performance throughout the season. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy proactively work directly with the athletes day to day to facilitate the players’ performance and as well as help prevent injuries.