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Samantha Grendziak PTA

August 23, 2017

•   NOMPTI Certified Cervical Spine Specialist

Sam graduated from San Diego Mesa College in 2020 as a PTA. San Diegan born and raised, she worked in various settings and clinics within San Diego. Her passion for physical therapy started when she was in 7th grade. Sam had to go for rehab after knee surgery. Ever since that moment, she had been driven to help people get back to what they love to do.

Sam wants to help patients with manual therapy as well as my exercise interventions, but also teaching patients all the tools they will need in the future after discharge to improve their activities day to day.

Sam is an active participant in the Water & Sports PT mentorship program as well as working on her specialty certification through the Neuro Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Institute, NOMPTI©️.

She is also in the process of working toward the highest level of orthopedic excellence through the American Physical Therapy Association Advanced Proficiency Pathway program.