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Carol McClaugherty PTA, ATRIC

August 23, 2017

Director of Aquatic Program

•   University of St. Augustine, Visiting Clinical Instructor for Aquatic Therapy, Doctoral program
•   United States Department of the Navy, Instructor/Consultant for Aquatic Medicine and Rehabilitation
•   Certified Aquatic Rehabilitation Institute Instructor/Provider
•   Certified Burdenko Institute Instructor/Provider
•   Certified Hawks Grips Practitioner (HGP-1, HGP-2)
•   Certified Maitland Mobilization Provider
•   Certified McKenzie Institute Provider
•   Gary Gray Functional Training Certification
•   American Arthritis Foundation Certified Instructor/Provider
•   Pnuemex Certification
•   Mulligan Mobilization Certification
•   Pilates for PT’s Certification

Additional continuing education and prior certifications include Active Release Technique for the Spine, Gray Institute Lumbo-Pelvic Complex, Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Functional Movement Screen (FMS), Postural Restoration Institute, Watsu and Halliwick Method, CranialSacral Therapy.

Carol comes to Water & Sports Physical Therapy directly after a career with the US Navy where her extensive background in Combat Rehabilitation as well as Aquatic Therapy enabled her to spearhead and develop a specialized Aquatic Rehabilitation program for the US Navy. The Orthopedic Aquatic program was initially developed for our Wounded Warriors returning from combat in Afghanistan and Iraq, yet it quickly extended into both the general Sports/Orthopedic population as well as specialized protocols implemented for Naval Aviation Medicine and Navy Seal Teams. This program quite effectively reduced the number of visits required for post surgical visits as well as quite frequently successfully pre-habbing active duty personnel in order to avoid surgical intervention and maintain active duty status in preparation or return for deployment.

Carol believes in effective communication in regards to instruction and intervention along with training, and has been an active participant in speaking to high level commands in Naval Aviation in order to effectively intervene to help prevent common overuse injuries in this specialized arena.  Carol is also a firm believer and is passionate about the importance of manual therapy, as no machine can ever replace the power, the beauty, or the magic of the human touch. The hand of a health care provider is a powerful instrument, as it is meant to be used; for healing, for diagnostic capabilities, to bring about treatment and for comfort. Carol uses multiple techniques to enhance ‘hands-on’ manual therapy with joint mobilization, such as Pin and Stretch, Active Muscle Pumping, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Myofascial Release, Manual Muscle Energy, Strain/Counter-Strain, and Myofascial Decompression Cupping.

Carol is also known to her current and former patients as the ‘Kinesotape Queen’ and feels this quirky tape continues to keep Water and Sports Physical Therapy on the veritable cutting edge of technology, along with the ease and comfort it can give along with the enhanced performance it can provide to our patients during the therapeutic healing process and throughout Activities of Daily Living and Sports.

Carol is an active participant in the Water & Sports PT mentorship program as well as working on her specialty certification through the Neuro Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Institute, NOMPTI©️.  She is also in the process of working toward the highest level of orthopedic excellence through the American Physical Therapy Association Advanced Proficiency Pathway program.  

Carol is blissfully delighted to live, work and play in this ‘little slice of heaven’ called San Diego after being stationed in multiple locations around this wondrous world inclusive of Australia and Japan. If you look along Glorietta Bay around sunset, you can often find her kayaking with her loyal Golden Retriever ‘Boomer’, or if she’s land based, you may find her out on the skeet range perfecting her score!