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I was in a car accident, how does my physical therapy get paid for?

June 3, 2015

There are four options for coverage of your physical therapy bills:

1. 3rd Party Insurance: The person who caused the accident will have insurance that could cover a portion of the costs of your physical therapy. WSPT’s front desk associates can assist you with all information needed if you are using 3rd party insurance.

2. Attorney Lien: Some people choose to ask an attorney for advice. The attorney may take their case and have an attorney lien signed by the patient. The lien is a contract that states the attorney will reimburse WSPT if there is a settlement in the case. If there is no settlement, the patient is responsible for the balance.

3. Self-Pay: The patient can just choose to pay for their physical therapy treatment outright.

4. Your Personal Insurance: WSPT accepts most major insurances and will verify your benefits before you begin your therapy.