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Water & Sports Physical Therapy is the premier rehabilitation and injury prevention therapy provider for professional and amature athletes in San Diego. As the Official Physical Therapist of the San Diego Padres, your physical therapist is well equipped to deal with the highly demanding and specialized treatment professional athletics require. We have helped hundreds of high level high school, collegiate, and professional athletes across a multitude of sports reach their rehabilitate following injury, prevent future injury, and maximum potential athletic abilities. The Selective Functional Movement Assessment with sport specific tests, will provide a baseline assessment of strengths, weaknesses, and expose possible injury risks throughout the entire body. Treatment then focuses on ensuring maximal health throughout the musculoskeletal system and neurological system to allow the athlete to be in the best possible position to avoid injury and maximize athletic performance.

  • Quintin Berry

  • Dominick Cruz

  • Mark Kotsay

  • Jon Jay

  • Ben Rowen

  • Marc Rzepczynski

  • Barry Zito

  • Tyson Ross, All Star Pitcher

  • Tim Federowicz

  • Danny Woodhead

  • Troy Tulowitzki

  • Clayton Richard

  • Tim Stauffer

  • Richard Crawford

  • Chase Headley

  • Kim Dicello

  • Alysia Montaño

  • Alexi Amarista

  • Clint Barmes

  • Joaquin Benoit

  • Travis Jankowski

  • Joe Ross

  • Robbie Erlin

  • Casey Kelly

  • Alex Dickerson

  • Brandon Maurer

  • Austin Hedges

  • Jedd Gyorko

  • Andrew Cashner

  • Yonder Alonso

  • Josh Johnson

  • Matt Kemp

  • Wil Myers

  • Derek Norris

  • Justin Upton

  • James Shields

  • Tony Gwynn Jr.

  • Yangervis Solarte

  • Cory Spangenberg

  • Brett Wallace

  • Colin Rea

  • Brandon Morrow

  • Ian Kennedy

  • Jon Edwards

  • Nick Vincent

  • Will Venable

  • Chris Young

  • Kevin Burnett

  • Jake Peavy

  • Brandon Vera

  • Nick Hundley

  • Mark Prior

  • Aaron Rodgers

  • Phil Davis

  • Xavier Nady

  • Scott Simpson

  • Justin Peelle

  • Heather Mitts

  • Malcolm Floyd

  • John Carney

  • Brian Anderson

  • Shawne Merriman

  • Kellen Winslow Jr.

  • Mike Bruning

Quintin Berry

Baseball Outfielder , Chicago Cubs

Dominick Cruz

Mixed Martial Artist , UFC

Mark Kotsay

Center Fielder , San Diego Padres

Best PTs in SD!

Jon Jay

Center Fielder , Chicago Cubs

Thanks for my speedy recovery. You are the best!

Ben Rowen

Pitcher , New York Mets

Your body is a temple.

Marc Rzepczynski

Pitcher , Seattle Mariners

You guys are the best!

Barry Zito

Pitcher , Oakland Athletics

WSPT, you guys are the best I’ve found in my career!

Tyson Ross, All Star Pitcher

Pitcher , Texas Rangers

Tim Federowicz

Catcher , San Francisco Giants

Danny Woodhead

Running Back , Baltimore Ravens

Troy Tulowitzki

Shortstop , Toronto Blue Jays

Clayton Richard

Pitcher , San Diego Padres

Tim Stauffer

Pitcher , San Diego Padres

Thanks for getting my body right.

Richard Crawford

Cornerback , Washington Redskins

Chase Headley

Third Baseman , New York Yankees

Kim Dicello

Volleyball Player

Alysia Montaño

Olympic Middle Distance Runner

My body felt better running than it has for the previous six months.

Alexi Amarista

Left Fielder , Colorado Rockies

Gracia por todos y mentenorme muy sano gracias por el apoyo.

Clint Barmes

Infielder , Pittsburgh Pirates

To Water & Sports PT, I can’t thank you enough for helping me keep my balance on the field this year

Joaquin Benoit

Pitcher , Toronto Blue Jays

To Water and Sports PT, Best in Sports

Travis Jankowski

Outfielder , San Diego Padres

Water & Sports PT, Thanks for keeping me on the field

Joe Ross

Pitcher , Washington Nationals

WSPT, You guys are awesome. Thanks for turning me into a complete athlete.

Robbie Erlin

Pitcher , San Diego Padres

Water and Sports PT, Thank you for all your help

Casey Kelly

Pitcher , Gwinnett Braves

To WSPT, Thank you for all your work

Alex Dickerson

Outfielder , San Diego Padres

To Water and Sports PT, Thanks for getting me healthy and back on the field!

Brandon Maurer

Pitcher , San Diego Padres

To Water and Sports PT, Thanks for the awesomeness

Austin Hedges

Catcher , San Diego Padres

To Water & Sports PT, Thanks for keeping my body locked in all year

Jedd Gyorko

Infielder , St. Louis Cardinals

To Water & Sports PT, Thanks for everything

Andrew Cashner

Pitcher , Miami Marlins

To WSPT, Thanks for keeping me healthy

Yonder Alonso

Infielder , Oakland Athletics

To WSPT, Thank you for it all. God bless.

Josh Johnson

Pitcher , Miami Marlins

To Water & Sports PT, Thank you for everything! You guys were amazing and thanks for getting me a normal feeling foot!

Matt Kemp

Outfielder , Atlanta Braves

To WSPT, I couldn’t have stepped on the field without you guys! Thanks for everything.

Wil Myers

Outfielder , San Diego Padres

To Water and Sports PT, Thanks for everything you guys have done for me this year!

Derek Norris

Catcher , San Diego Padres

Water and Sports PT, Thanks for all the pain

Justin Upton

Outfielder , Detroit Tigers

Water & Sports PT, Thank you for your help with my performance!

James Shields

Pitcher , Chicago White Sox

Best around

Tony Gwynn Jr.

Center Fielder , Syracuse Chiefs

WSPT, Without a doubt, the best PT staff I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with

Yangervis Solarte

Infielder , San Diego Padres

To Water and Sports PT, Muchos gracias para todo un saludo.

Cory Spangenberg

Baseman , San Diego Padres

spangenberg-p1To Water and Sports PT, Thanks for everything

Brett Wallace

Infielder , San Diego Padres

To Water & Sports PT, Thanks for all your help this season. You guys are the best

Colin Rea

Pitcher , San Diego Padres

Water and Sports PT, I’ve never had anything like you. You guys are great.

Brandon Morrow

Pitcher , San Diego Padres

Thank you WSPT for all your hard work

Ian Kennedy

Pitcher , San Diego Padres

To WSPT, Thanks for keeping me on the field

Jon Edwards

Pitcher , San Diego Padres

To Water & Sports PT, Thank you so much for all your help and time. Be blessed!

Nick Vincent

Pitcher , San Diego Padres

You’re the man! Thanks for your magic and expertise.

Will Venable

Center Fielder , San Diego Padres

You should’ve been a detective. Thanks for finding out all the problems and getting me healthy. Thanks for all the hard work that has me feeling better than I have in years. You guys are the best!

Chris Young

Pitcher , San Diego Padres

I am extremely grateful to Water and Sports Physical Therapy for helping me get back to full strength through intense physical therapy, biomechanical analysis and a specific exercise program.

Kevin Burnett

Linebacker , San Diego Chargers

As a professional athlete, injuries are part of the game and unfortunately so are band aid solutions. Working with WSPT you don’t get short term fixes but long term results. I would recommend any type of professional athlete to go to WSPT. Thanks!

Jake Peavy

MLB All-Star Pitcher , Chicago White Sox

Water & Sports PT, You guys are amazing! Thank you for all you have done for me!

Brandon Vera

UFC, WEC, and ONE FC Fighter

Thanks for everything, you guys are the greatest. Thanks for getting back in the octagon!

Nick Hundley

Catcher , San Francisco Giants

Thanks for taking me to the next level. You guys are the best!

Mark Prior

MLB Pitcher , New York Yankees

Dr. Kahl, All the best. Thanks for all the help!

Aaron Rodgers

Quarterback , Greenbay Packers

Phil Davis

UFC Fighter

I am so impressed with the treatments, the facilities, and the speed of getting me back to competition. I would recommend any UFC fighter or anyone at that matter to rehab at WSPT.

Xavier Nady

MLB Outfielder and First Baseman

Thanks for all the help!

Scott Simpson

Professional Golfer

Thank you for doing such a great job and getting me back on the golf course.

Justin Peelle

Tight End , Atlanta Falcons

Thanks for everything!

Heather Mitts

Two Time Olympic Soccer Gold Team Player

I was very impressed with the biomechanical analysis to figure out the cause of my pain rather than treating my symptoms. WSPT was able to quickly fix my problem with manual techniques and teach me how to prevent the issue from returning. Thanks for getting me back my Olympic training!

Malcolm Floyd

Wide Receiver , San Diego Chargers

Thanks for keeping me healthy!

John Carney

Two Time NFL Pro Bowl Kicker

Dr. Goldfarb’s knowledge, professionalism, and ability to develop a program to match my skills enabled me to reach new levels of performance.

Brian Anderson

Outfielder , Chicago White Sox

If it wasn’t for the WSPT team, I wouldn’t have been able to play by the time the season started. Thanks for getting me back so quickly.

Shawne Merriman

Linebacker , San Diego Chargers

After my knee surgery I trusted WSPT for the best rehab in San Diego County. The combination of water therapy, hands on techniques and sports specific exercise helped me achieve the best results possible.

Kellen Winslow Jr.

Tight End , Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The therapists at WSPT really know their stuff. They did a great job on my rehab and I am extremely grateful. Thanks guys!

Mike Bruning

Professional FIVB and AVP Volleyball Player

WSPT, thanks for keeping my professional volleyball dreams alive