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Combines a layer of low density Polyethylene foam (light red) over a more firm functional Blue base. Suitable where additional cushioning required. Excellent for use in multi-directional sports such as tennis, baseball & basketball, reducing forefoot pivoting irritation and more. Ready to fit, lightweight and flexible material can be customized for great comfort. Made from 100% closed cell polyurethane, keeping a uniform density throughout the insole, regardless of the thickness. Milled and ground to only 2mm depth in forefoot to avoid bulking up in the shoe. Contains Ultrafresh, an effective antibacterial and anti-fungal agent. Will not absorb sweat or harbor bacteria. Will keep its unique personal molded shape until it is re-heated. Available in six sizes: XS (Women´s 5.5-7) SM (Women´s 7.5-9) (Men´s 6.5-7.5) MED (Women´s 9.5-10.5) (Men´s 8-9) LG (Women´s 11-12) ( Men´s 9.5-10.5) XLG (Men´s 11-12.5) XXL (Men´s 13-15) Please contact Water and Sports Physical Therapy,Inc. for more information on how to customize yourself or to schedule a professional customizing by one of our licensed Physical Therapist.


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